In spite of the variable weather we’ve been having, the children at Benachie Playgroup have been enjoying lots of outdoor play since the start of the summer term!

Today, one of our young eagle-eyed ornithologists spotted some pigeons nesting in the trees of our garden.  We also watched some very protective gulls who seem to have taken up residence on the playgroup roof!  Perhaps they are nesting too…

IMG_5421[1]Some of the children were very interested in the activity of a Very Lazy Bumblebee – we were amazed at how fat it was!

The bumble bee was so sleepy and quite content for us to get up close and observe its black and yellow stripes, as well as the tiny, paper-like, fine wings.

We thought the bumble bee might like to find some nectar, so we waited patiently until it climbed aboard a long stick we found in the grass, lifted it up gently into the air, and then let him soar off into the sky.  Let’s hope the Very Lazy Bumblebee comes back to visit soon and finds some flowers in our garden.

The children enjoyed planting their own sunflowers seeds this week, and everyone got to take one home in a pot.  We look forward to finding out how tall they manage to grow!

We’re excited to be enjoying more Fresh Air mornings this term – especially our outings to the Forest Kindergarten!